AESOP Annual Congress 2017 – Call for papers

El próximo mes de julio tendrá lugar en Lisboa el AESOP Annual Congress 2017, bajo el título de “Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity: Fostering the European Dimension of Planning”. El plazo para enviar los abstracts con propuestas de participación ha sido ampliado hasta el 30 de enero. Más información en la web del congreso.

AESOP es la “Association of European Schools of Planning”, fundada en 1987 y que organiza diversas actividades, entre las que se incluye la celebración de un congreso anual, en el que se tratarán los siguientes aspectos:

1. Planning theory: conceptual challenges and planning evaluation
2. Planning education: building up spaces of dialogue for places of dignity

3. Spaces of dialogue for active, networked and responsible citizenship
4. Urban design, public spaces and urban culture
5. Green infrastructures: fostering dialogue across scales and policies

6. Territorial cohesion:  a multiscale approach
7. Dialogues in diverse, inclusive, and multicultural cities
8. Regional economics and scarce resources planning
9. Bridging gaps in transnational planning

10. Housing and urban rehabilitation and qualification for places of dignity
11. Healthy and liveable cities
12. Tourism, leisure  and genuine urban cultures

13. Mobility policies, transport regulation and urban planning
14. Policies for smart and co-creative cities
15. Law and planning under societal challenges
16. Urban metabolism and territorial efficiency

17. Big data, open sources, generative tolos
18. Unravelling complexity for planning
19. Resilient and sustainable territories
20. Territories under pressure: disruptive events, shattered cities, collective memories
21. Urban futures: challenges and visión

Os adjuntamos finalmente el texto de presentación del congreso (en inglés):

In an uncertain world that is rapidly changing economically, socially and culturally, cities and territories have become the common ground for resilient breakthroughs in the policies and practices of planning and design.

These extreme times urge us to shift towards renewed actions in urban and less urbanised territories. Societal changes, disparities in population growth and incomes and consequential impacts on the sustainability of social services and labour markets, climate change and extreme natural events, complex social-economics trends, challenge us to debate and seek paths that lead to a progressive common future.

The planning and urban minded communities are invited to join efforts under the flag of the next congress topic – SPACES OF DIALOG FOR PLACES OF DIGNITY: Fostering the European Dimension of Planning.

A few of the ideas we may want to provide a platform for discussion include developing people’s wellbeing, promoting integrated and flexible planning approaches, encouraging collective engagement in urban and environmental management, inclusiveness and multiculturalism.

From one of the most western cities in Europe we believe that we may address potential European urban futures and the need for opening effective dialogue and cooperation with other corners of the globe.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lisbon and engaging with you in discussing these challenges.

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